Coronavirus Outbreak: Decluttering and Disposing Residential Junk

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought the world to a standstill. This global pandemic has created massive uncertainty and suspended life as we know it. Thankfully, junk removal in North York and other provinces is considered as an essential service.

Junk removal services can still continue to be utilized to help you declutter your home to create a safer and more spacious household for you and your family while gaining the added advantage of a 10% discount on our professional junk removal services here at Rid-Of-It!

junk removal in North York


As the Coronavirus pandemic evolves, so are the measures taken to fight and curb its spread. Social distancing, stay-at-home, personal hygiene and sanitization using protective gear and sanitizers, shutting down of businesses except essential services are just some measures that have been taken. In these stay-at-home times, we would want to declutter and get rid of the junk along with many other objects that have been hoarded over the years. In order to do a thorough clean-up, you must first figure out where and how to begin.

Closet: You can start cleaning your closet and remove any clothes/materials that are old, torn, faded, or that do not fit.

Dresser: Clean all the drawers and toss out any old, torn, or tattered clothes such as shirts, pants, delicates, socks, etc.

Dressers: Toss away any expired items or any items that do not work or have deteriorated (e.g.: Faded lipstick, rusty shaving blades).

Toiletries: Remove empty shampoo bottles, old toothbrushes, expired shaving cream, and other outdated products.

Kitchen: Segregate kitchen waste (dry and wet), clean the refrigerator and dispose of all expired and spoilt products.

Cabinets & Showcases: Dust the cabinets and showcases and remove any broken ceramics, glasses, or showpieces.

Night Stand: Clear out any old chargers, worn-out wires, or any books to either donate, distribute, or lend.

Garbage: Dispose of used tissues, masks, gloves, wipes to maintain sanitary discipline. Maintaining sanitary discipline is the key to fighting this pandemic.

Decluttering frees up a lot of space in the household and removes unnecessary junk. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is important to keep our house sanitized as well. Decluttering helps reduce sanitary risk.

Disposing the Junk

During these times, it is advisable not to go dispose of your junk on your own to minimize risk and exposure. However, you cannot let it pile up in your home and risk you and your family’s health. So you will need a reliable and professional junk removal company. If you are looking for junk removal in North York or any other district in Toronto, we can help you get Rid-Of-It! Our team of professionals follow the safety guidelines and mandates stated by the experts, and our trucks and equipment are disinfected and sanitized before and after every use. We maintain proper sanitary protocols while disposing your junk.

We customize our services based on your needs without compromising on quality at an affordable price. You can also take advantage of our 10% discount for outdoor pick-ups to maintain minimal contact and reduce health and safety hazards.

Stay clean, stay safe!

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