Cleaning Up Your Yard Waste This Fall

Summer has long since said goodbye (and fall is not long behind) and has left you with… leaves. Many of them, covering your entire property. But that’s not all.

yard waste removal

While raking leaves into piles to keep them under control is one job, there are a wide variety of other types of yard waste to deal with in fall that will likely require help from a yard waste removal service. If you’ve done any landscaping during the summer or early fall, or you’ve pruned plants and bushes to prepare them for the long winter season, then you might be wondering what to do with it all.

Sure, you can try to fit it into yard bags and hope it gets collected before the snow starts to fly. Or you can focus on other tasks like covering your patio furniture, and letting a Toronto yard waste company handle all the rest for you.

Handling It Yourself Might Not Be Realistic

Before you decide to haul away all of your yard waste on your own, you have to consider the time and effort commitment that goes along with it. That includes bundling or bagging all of the materials, not to mention possibly renting a truck to haul it away to the right station. Even just getting it all to the curb for city collection can be an onerous task, assuming it will take it all.

All of this takes time and effort that you could be focusing elsewhere. You’ll eliminate a lot of stress (along with yard waste) when you allow yard waste pickup to do the dirty work for you.

More That Just Yard Waste

Let’s add to the mix yard equipment. Along with the yard waste itself, you may have old yard equipment you’ve replaced that needs to go. The advantage of dealing with a yard waste removal service is that not only can it dispose of the organic materials, but can also remove equipment like that’s broken or outdated and ensure it gets to the right station.

You might also be able to recycle the materials with help from a Toronto yard waste expert. These junk specialists can also help you deal with other materials that may be filling your shed such as outdated patio furniture, barbecues, and more. If they’re in usable shape, they might even be donated through using yard waste pickup.

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