Benefits of Hiring a Professional Construction Waste Disposal Service

A professional company that deals with construction waste disposal is different from a conventional garage disposal service for residents. Although this type of company recycles as much material as possible, it also uses an appropriate construction dump site for everything else. In fact, a company that specializes in construction waste often handles biohazard waste. For that reason, the team has unique training, experience, and expertise.

A construction junk disposal company works closely with the customer to develop a construction and demolition program that focuses heavily on recycling. As part of this initiative, materials like plastic, carpeting, rock, lumber, metals, tile, concrete, porcelain, insulation, and more get recycled rather than going into a landfill. In fact, a lot of the debris from a construction or demolition site cannot go into a landfill, making this service essential.

The primary benefit of working with a company like this is that recycling is a huge part of the solution. Typically, construction debris goes into large dumpsters or bins that make their way back to a waste management facility for sorting. During the sorting process, anything of value gets separated. To better understand why recycling of construction debris is so important, consider the outcome.

Plastics, metals, paper, and cardboard get converted into new products.

Concrete is crushed into dry or gravel aggregate and then used to produce new concrete.

Clean timber and other wood is used for biomass fuel and converted into mulch for landscaping.

Dirt, sand, and rock are used in landfills as an alternative daily cover.

You can see other benefits in the types of services that construction waste management companies provide.

Dumpster Rentals – You can rent the exact size of a dumpster you need. Construction or demolition workers are responsible for tossing debris into the dumpster. This dumpster will remain at the building site for the agreed-upon time. Once a dumpster is full, the company transports it to its facility for sorting.

Material Disposal – Along with recycling, if a waste management company is required to handle biohazard waste, workers don the appropriate protective gear, remove the waste, and then dispose of it in compliance with current laws.

At 1-800-Rid-Of-It, we not only work with you on a comprehensive plan for waste removal and disposal but also help you devise an environmental strategy so that you can achieve your sustainability goals without overspending. We offer years of experience in construction and demolition debris removal and are 100 percent confident that we can help you. To learn more about the services that we offer, please visit our website or call a customer representative today.

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