A Quick Guide on Yard Cleanup

Ah, late spring and summer. It’s a time to get out there and enjoy your yard, and maybe even invite some friends over for a barbecue.

Yard waste disposal in Toronto is integral to getting your yard ready for you or your guests to enjoy. While there’s a lot to clean up when the snow first clears, yard waste removal in Toronto is an ongoing process.

Yard Junk

In order to stay on top of yard waste removal, you can break it down into a stepped approach.

Toss Any Broken Equipment

One of the challenges of keeping your property looking great is dealing with old and broken appliances and structures. For example, it might be time to replace that rusty shed. You may also have an old, broken barbecue taking up space on the patio.

Many times, people avoid this kind of work as it can be time consuming and effortful. However, you can easily discard this type of junk with professional yard waste disposal in Toronto. Trained crews can remove it quickly, and even take it for recycling when applicable!

This type of yard cleanup also includes decks and walkways. If you need to replace some wooden boards, you can count on yard waste removal in Toronto to collect it. The same goes for any broken bricks or concrete on patios and sidewalks.

Thin Out Thicker Growth

This is a process that can start earlier in spring before the big bloom, or into early summer. You can start by trimming back shrubs with basic tools such as manual clippers. (You can minimize the amount of damaged foliage by wrapping it in burlap before the cold sets in. Adding a bit of mulch at the base can also help keep plants hydrated.)

Be sure to scan any trees on your property for diseased or broken branches that are a falling hazard. This particular step may be ongoing, but it’s also advised to inspect trees before the winter. That way, the heavy snow won’t cause them to break off and become a potential liability.

In some cases, you may need to remove trees entirely if they’re a hazard. Instead of taking a lot of time to bag organic waste, you can let yard waste removal companies handle it all quickly and efficiently. Some can also pick up tree stumps and bigger logs.

Keep Up With Yard Maintenance

Now that you’ve fixed or replaced your outdoor structures, and thinned out the growth, you need to maintain the yard regularly.

That means cutting the taller grass so it doesn’t get out of control and unmanageable. If your yard doesn’t have much ground cover, then you can actually start the seeding process in early fall due to optimal soil conditions. Early spring is also ideal, but wait until the temperature is consistently warmer.

Some Toronto yard waste disposal services also collect grass clippings as well as other organic waste.

Learn more about how to maintain your lawn year-round from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and how to save 10% off pickup.

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