7 Environmental Effects of Waste Removal and Disposal

After having waste removed from a residential or commercial property, owners usually don’t give it a second thought. However, not only does a company that provides services for waste removal in Toronto leave behind a cleaner and safer area, but the work they do also has a positive impact on the environment. Among the many positive environmental effects of yard waste removal in Toronto, seven stand out.

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Environmental Benefits

These are the ways in which top-rated private garbage collection companies in Toronto make sure to do their part in caring for the environment.

  1. Water Sources – Disposing of waste material the right way protects water sources. If companies dumped garbage near water, anything dangerous in the waste could make its way into various sources. As a result, water could become contaminated and unusable by both humans and wildlife. Not only that, but dissolved oxygen in the water declines dramatically.
  2. Soil – Toxins from waste seep into the soil, contaminating it as well. That puts people’s health at risk and makes it nearly impossible to grow healthy crops. To prevent that from happening, reputable private garbage collection companies in Toronto dispose of waste at government-regulated landfills.
  3. Toxic Emissions – Burning trash and plastics produces particulate matter than turns into solid compounds that linger in the air. Those harmful emissions put people’s health at risk for asthma, heart disease, and respiratory disease. Also, anything the toxins touch becomes contaminated as well, including soil and water. With proper disposal, any risk to the environment and human health decreases significantly.
  4. Pest Infestations – Garbage left sitting outside promotes insect and varmint infestations. Along with being annoying, this creates environmental and health risks. After all, pests carry disease that can wreak havoc on crops and human life.
  5. Energy Consumption – Aluminum is the most widely used of all metals other than steel. As part of waste management services, reputable companies recycle as much material as possible, thus reducing energy consumption. For instance, by recycling this material, aluminum manufacturers save approximately 95 percent of the energy it takes to produce new products from raw material.
  6. Marine and Wildlife – Plastic products notoriously cause damage to the environment as well as marine life and wildlife. Whether in the form of bottles, containers, grocery bags, etc., plastic clogs up water outlets, adversely affecting agriculture and snuffing out life to due ingestion and entanglement.
  7. Space Conservation – Recycling waste reduces the need for landfills, which in turn, conserves space.

Making a Difference

You can do your part in protecting the environment by hiring a reputable waste management company. With the processes we use at 800-Rid-of-It, our team of experts collects all yard waste, junk, and debris, followed by disposing or recycling of it safely. Call us today.

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