6 Ways for Dealing with Construction Waste Disposal

When it comes to construction waste, it is imperative that you choose the right solution. Although some materials are common, others could pose a risk. Along with protruding nails and broken glass, there is a chance that some of the waste contains hazardous materials like asbestos. With the information provided, you can eliminate waste from your property in a safe and efficient manner.

construction debris removal

  • Salvaging – One possibility is to find a salvage company that works specifically with construction material. As part of the construction debris removal process, this type of business hauls away things like doors, windows, lumber, hardware, and more, which is then sold to home and business owners at a significantly discounted price. Depending on the company you hire, some pay for the materials they take.
  • Repurposing – Whether you decide to repurpose the material yourself or find someone who does, this is another excellent way for dealing with construction waste disposal. In this case, people can turn windows into picture frames, use old doors to make furniture, and even melt glass to create gorgeous stained-glass artwork.
  • Recycling – You can also use construction debris removal services that recycle or take wood, steel, bricks, and other materials to a recycling center. There are two positive aspects of this. First, you do something good for the planet, and second, you can make money.
  • Incineration – When it comes to construction debris removal, some companies provide an incineration service. That means they transform the combustion of waste into base components. As an example, these companies use extracted energy for powering turbines, heating, cooking, and more. Incineration is also a viable method for disposing of hazardous and toxic waste.
  • Private Sale – Another option for construction waste disposal is to sell items on social media. As a prime example, Facebook has multiple swap and shops for locations throughout the country. The number of people who search these sites looking for bricks, old doors, and other materials to use for projects is staggering.
  • Junk Removal – While each of the other five ways for dealing with the removal of materials is viable, if you have no time or interest in using them, you can always rely on a company that provides professional construction debris removal services. In fact, reputable companies can dispose of dangerous materials, and some even recycle.

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If you have construction material lying around, whether from a remodel or new build, we can remove and dispose of the debris in a safe and legal manner. Check out all our services by visiting our website or call to speak with a representative at 1800-Rid-of-It today. As an industry leader, we will not disappoint.

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