5 Signs You Need a New Mattress for Better Health

Do you have aches and pains or other health issues that you can’t quite find the source of? The answer could be right under you while you sleep.

Mattresses have an expiry date of about 8 to 10 years in most cases, but you might need to find mattress disposal in Toronto sooner than that. In any case, here are 5 signs that you should be calling for mattress removal services and getting a new one…

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1. Runny Nose in The Morning

Your aging mattress might have become a haven for dust mites, which you might be allergic to. All of your accumulated shedding skin and oils are food for these tiny critters. If you do have an allergy to them, you’ll likely wake up with a runny rose, watery eyes, and other allergy related symptoms.

2. Back Pain

Some mattresses start to lose their firmness and sag in the middle over time, which can translate to a sore back. This can lead to chronic pain if you don’t pinpoint the problem. In that case, it’s time to look up mattress removal in Toronto.

3. Feeling Tired When Waking Up

You’ve slept for 8 hours – now you should feel well rested, right? Not necessarily. If your mattress is sagging or not the right firmness, then it could rob you of sleep during the night and cause you to feel like you only slept for a couple of hours.

4. Mould Growth

Every night your body expels the equivalent of about a cup of water through perspiration. While much of that evaporates, the rest can end up causing stains in the mattress and encouraging mould growth. When you partner with mattress removal services and then get a new one, put a waterproof cover on it to help avoid this issue.

5. Mood Swings

Maybe your boss is the reason you’re feeling moody at work, but it could also be your mattress. Lack of sleep not only can make you groggy during the day, but also you might find you’re a little irritable for no good reason.

Put Health Problems To Sleep

Changing your mattress is a relatively simple solution for a variety of chronic problems, so start shopping around for one that fits your body type and sleeping style. In the meantime, be sure to find mattress disposal in Toronto to save you the trouble of getting rid of the old one.

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