5 Machines Everyone in the Waste Collection Services Industry Should be Using

A common misconception about waste collection services is that people show up to a home or business, don protective gloves, and then dig in to remove unwanted or unneeded items. While that might be the case for some general collection services, the reality is that this particular industry has become technologically advanced.

By using special machines, whether for general waste collection or a more complex job, a tremendous amount of time and effort is saved. Obviously, this is beneficial to you and the company that performs the services. However, this leads to another advantage in that you will spend less, even for quality waste collection services.

Important Machines Used for Waste Collection

Although these machines can be used for larger residential projects, they are typically associated more with commercial jobs.

1. Drum Magnet – This type of machinery with its rugged and tough design is used for separating and recovering high volumes of waste. With this, ferrous metals are drawn out by a powerful magnet. Because the placement of the magnet is customizable, it can be used from various feed positions. In addition, the drum can drop the material under, over, or down the drum, depending on the desired outcome.

2. Conveyor – Especially today when so many are making environmentally-friendly decisions, a conveyor is ideal for waste collection services. Regardless of the material being moved, the conveyor works by sorting everything for recyclable purposes.

3. Optical Sorting – Optical sorting is one of the more innovative machines used for waste management trash collection. For the separation of recyclable materials, including glass, plastic, metals, paper, wood, and more, this machine is truly remarkable. Best of all, it can be customized based on a customer’s specific needs.

4. Disc Screens – Also on the list of the five most impressive machines used for waste management trash collection are disc screens. For separating materials like mixed paper, containers, newspaper, and cardboard, this machine uses a special disc screening technology. Even more exciting is that this machine is capable of separating both 2D and 3D materials.

5. Bag Openers – With massive arms, this machine is used to separate bagged MSW and other materials. Once separated, the material is discharged to a conveyor. Because of the unique air spring design, bag openers make it possible for resistive objects to pass through.

Using these and other machines, it is clear to see that the junk and waste removal industry has dramatically changed. If you need to have waste removed from your business, we can help. You can call us by phone or visit our 1-800 RID-OF-IT (743-6348) website to learn more about the services that we offer.

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