5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Get Rid Of Your Junk

You may be thinking to yourself, eco-friendly and junk don’t go together. However, while junk is… well, junk, there are environmentally friendly ways to deal with it.

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Usually, this means ways you can avoid sending your junk to a landfill, where it can take decades (or longer) to decompose. By being a bit more mindful of how your junk removal in Toronto is handled, you can feel better about making a smaller impact on the earth in the process – while also possibly benefitting someone who needs the item.

1. Recycle It

One of the advantages to calling junk removal services is that they will come and haul away the items for you, saving you from lifting heavy appliances and such. But these junk removal companies are often knowledgeable about which items can be recycled (such as fridges), and the appropriate recycling station to bring it to.

2. Compost Your Garbage

You might be surprised about some of the items you’re tossing in your garbage bin that could actually be in your compost bin instead. For example, some types of coffee cups are biodegradable, even if they’re not meant to be recycled. Make sure you toss newspapers in the compost as well, as they will break down over time. Yard waste can also be added.

You can end up harvesting the end product – which is healthy to spread on lawns and flowerbeds to encourage growth.

3. Give It Away

If your old sofa or nightstand is in good condition, don’t leave it at the curb for bulk pick-up. You can donate it to a thrift shop that resells the items while sometimes raising money for a local cause.

Before you show up at the doorstep of a thrift shop, make sure it’s an item they can actually sell. If your neighbours and friends don’t want it, the store might not either.

4. Repurpose Furniture

If that old loveseat is no longer cutting it, you can have it reupholstered or repainted instead of calling junk removal in Toronto. Or, if you’re handy and crafty, you can break it down and build something new from it.

Turn that old crib headboard into an easel. Turn those old shutters into a magazine rack. The possibilities are endless, and you can have fun too.

5. Sell It

You never know what kind of bites you’ll get when you list your “junk” for sale in online marketplaces. As the saying goes, it could be someone else’s treasure! Just be prepared for possible packing and shipping costs.

Learn more about eco-friendly ways junk removal companies dispose of unwanted items from 1-800-Rid-Of-It.

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