5 Advantages of Having Your Junk Removed Professionally

Getting rid of junk on your own is easy, right? Well, if that’s the case, then why is there so much clutter on your property? The truth is there are many steps to properly disposing of unwanted items – and commercial junk removal services already have them covered.

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1. Less Effort Required From You

Let’s be honest – some of the stuff you want rid of is heavy and bulky. Getting it to the curb (after dragging it out of your house) can be a major undertaking. And once you get it outside, there’s no guarantee your municipal waste program will collect it.

On the other hand, commercial garbage removal services have trained crews that can lift heavy items (like appliances), without causing damage to your premises.

2. No Need to Rent a Larger Vehicle

Do you think you’re going to fit all of that junk in your passenger vehicle? Chances are if you’re doing a big cleanout, you’re going to need a van or truck. Except you don’t have one.

Unless you have a friend with a truck that owes you a favour, then you’re going to fork out cash to rent one. This could range in price, not to mention possibly losing time from picking up/dropping off the rental. Professional junk collection services already have the right vehicles for the job.

3. Less Impact on Landfills/Environment

Once you get the vehicle you need, you’ll likely drive your junk to a dump where it will end up in a landfill. These landfills can leak/emit harmful substances that can harm the environment.

When you choose commercial junk removal services, you can be assured it will make an effort to recycle much of the load. Metal, glass, wood, and other common components can be used in new products once they’re processed.

If there are some materials that can’t be recycled, the commercial garbage removal company will often seek out a local organization to donate furniture, computers, books, and other items of use.

4. Free Up Space Quicker

If you’re relying on municipal waste collection, it could be a while to make them disappear – especially for bulky items.

Whether you’re doing a home renovation and have construction waste, or you need to free up floor space in the office for new desks, you can rely on commercial junk removal services. That’s because many professional junk collection services offer same day/next day collections to clear out clutter in a hurry.

5. Save Time/Money

You may assume that hiring commercial garbage removal may be pricier than a DIY job. However, when you factor in the time and effort required to do the job yourself, you might be surprised.

You will lose valuable time hauling the items into a vehicle, and then driving them to the dump (where you’ll likely pay a fee depending on weight.) In a commercial context, this is time when you or your staff could be focusing on sales instead.

Junk collection companies should be able to provide you with an accurate quote on-site, so you know exactly what to budget! Learn more about using pro junk collection from 1-800-Rid-Of-It, and save 10%.

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