3 Add-On Services You May Not Know Your Debris Removal Experts Offer

Debris removal sounds relatively straightforward. For this type of service, debris removal companies send a professional team that loads up unwanted items and then hauls them away to a residential or commercial property. However, a reputable company does more than collect and dispose of junk. The following are three add-on services that most people do not realize experts in this industry provide.

construction debris removal

  1. Construction Trash Removal – Regardless of the size of the job or the type of objects involved, an experienced company removes material both during and after a project. Whether you’re working on a new build, renovation, or remodel, construction sites become littered with things like wood, concrete, glass, metal, doors, windows, and much more. With construction going on, it is essential for a contractor to keep the property clean. That way, workers can perform optimally and without risk of sustaining an injury. At the completion of the job, debris removal companies clear the site in preparation for occupancy.
  2. Recycling – Recycling is perhaps one of the most popular of all services provided. As an increasing number of individuals and businesses make environmentally friendly decisions, they like the fact that top waste removal companies recycle as much debris as possible. For this, a highly-respected company takes all recyclable materials and items to a certified center.
  3. Re-Purposing – Many of the best waste removal companies now offer re-purposing services as well. For instance, when performing construction trash removal, any doors or windows in good condition are either reused or transformed into something else that can be useful. A perfect example is an old window. A re-purposing company can use them to create beautiful window planter boxes to enhance the exterior of a home or business.

If you need junk hauled off your property, you have an opportunity to select a company that takes steps to protect the environment. Depending on which one you choose and the volume of trash that you have, the team of experts will either sort items on-site or take them to an actual sorting facility. There, high-tech equipment along with dedicated workers go through everything, separating items to dispose of versus those for recycling or re-purposing.

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